Internal decapitation, This could happen to your child!

by Jaded on August 18, 2009

We all know how important car seats are for our children. This is why we go out of our way to spend hundreds of dollars on these life saving pieces of equipment. But is your child really safe?

That depends. Did you follow the law? Did you keep your child rear facing until age 1 and 20 pounds, then turn her around? You did? then your child could be at risk!

Wait, what? You say you followed the law. The law is there to protect us, and you are telling me my child could sustain serious neck injury anyway? Why!?

Did you know that most manufacturers recommend your child remain in the rear facing position until the weight limit for that position has been reached. This is usually 30-35 pounds.

The rear facing position really is much safer for your child if you are in a forward crash. According to frontal and frontal offset crashes combine for about 72% of severe crashes. Side impacts are about 24%. Rear and rear offset crashes only account for about 4%.

Rear-facing car seats cradle your child’s head and back protecting his or her spinal cord. Unlike a forward-facing car seat where a child’s head can be thrown violently forward stretching the spinal cord and breaking it. This is internal decapitation.

You say, “but my baby as long legs and he isn’t comfortable”. Have you ever seen how your child sits on the floor, they are pretty darn flexible, the probably don’t mind that they have to sit cross-legged. And even if they do mind, I know I would rather my sons have 2 broken legs than a broken neck. Legs can be repaired. I haven’t heard of any procedure that will fix death.

If this hasn’t changed your mind, please take a look at these videos.

A rear-facing child seat test:

A forward-facing child seat test:

Joel’s Journey – survivor of a broken neck:

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